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Is HHO A SCAM? Does HHO Really Work?!

What is HHO And How does it work?

HHO is the short name for hydroxy gas, browns gas, green gas, Di-Hydroxy or oxyhydrogen. While there are many names, they all mean the same thing. A mixture of 2 parts hydrogen (H2) and one part oxygen (O2) gases. If you need more information about What HHO is and how it works, please visit our How HHO Works page.


The answer is simple. No. It really WORKS and we have REAL valid customer testimonials to prove it.

The fact of the matter is that there have been some systems released recently that have put a bad name on HHO.

These systems I will list below and explain why they have been called scams before.


Water4Gas is probably the most popular do it yourself HHO kit guide. They teach you to build an HHO kit using a mason jar, some tap water and baking soda, and best of all a single copper wire.

These mason jar designs put out about as much HHO Gas as... well almost none.

Because the HHO gas production on the Water4Gas system is so low, the results are insignificant. Our systems however put out a monster 2 liters+ per minute and cause significant increase in MPG.


This system also does not give a design that puts out a ton of HHO Gas and as such causes people to think it's a scam.

Popular Mechanics

There was an article in Popular Mechanics where a researcher tried to make HHO Kits and failed. He seemed to be using the mason jar approach. Just like Water4Gas's design, the mason jar design simply does not produce enough gas to make a significant change.

Later on in the article however, it is noted that his close friend who builds off road vehicles for a living has been putting them into their LARGE diesel rigs and seeing a good 10-15% increase in MPG!

Try it Yourself!

The best thing to do is to try it yourself. HHO Kits really bring significant increase in MPG and will save you money!

To find which HHO Kit is best for you, you can visit our home page: HHO Kits

If you would like to learn how to build your own HHO Kit, you read our review on guides to build your own HHO Kits.