HHO Kits Store - Save Gas, Money, And The Environment By Turning Water Into Hydrogen With Our Hydroxy Cell Systems!

How Does HHO Work?

What is HHO?

HHO is the short name for hydroxy gas, browns gas, green gas, Di-Hydroxy or oxyhydrogen. While there are many names, they all mean the same thing. A mixture of 2 parts hydrogen (H2) and one part oxygen (O2) gases.

How Do You Make HHO Gas?

Our HHO Kits operate on a 100 year old, proven technology called electrolysis. By sending electricity through stainless steel plates that are submerged in water in a certain pattern, we are able to seperate water in to the H2 and O2 Gases making HHO Gas.

Can Water Really Help Me Save Gas?

The answer is simple. Yes. Our HHO Kits have made the technology easy and affordable to use. Just check out this video for similar technology!

Is HHO A Scam?

We have a whole page about HHO Being a scam to defuse the myth that it's a scam once and for all. Is HHO a Scam?

How Does HHO Help Me Save Gas?

HHO Kits help you save gas by burning along side your gasoline or diesel. The HHO Gas is sucked in through the air intake of your engine. The HHO Gas causes the gasoline to burn more efficiently, cleans out your engine, and the end product of the HHO Gas is water. Because of the increase in efficiency, your MPG increases. It's been proven time and time again. You can read some of the testimonials of REAL people here.

How Much Of An Increase In MPG Will I See When Using A HHO Kit?

We guarantee that you will see an increase in MPG when our HHO kits are installed correctly. However because the size of engines vary, we make no guarantees to an exact amount. We have seen anywhere from the 20% (for huge diesel trucks) up to 100%+ for smaller vehicles!

Is HHO Safe to Use?

HHO and HHO Kits are very safe to use because the HHO Gas is extracted only as needed and burned steadily from water. Why compress Hydrogen into a large hydrogen tank when you can store it safely in the form of water?! Our setup produced hydrogen only as the car needs it.

Best of all, the process is reversible and will not void your manufactors warranty. It simply is an add-on that significantly increases your gas efficiency.